Hike Types

All our hikes are different depending on the size and geography of the islands and where we think the best places to go are. They range from challenging hikes up extinct volcanoes to easy walks around cultural sites, with a lot of options in between for birdwatchers, nature lovers and history buffs. There should be something for everyone on most of the islands and a range of difficulty. That said, we can easily arrange other options if there is something you are particularly interested in or want something a little easier or tougher.

However, to try and make things a little easier we have assigned a length and difficulty level to each hike. Of course, a lot will depend on how fit you are, how quickly you want to walk and the weather, so these are very much guidelines. So, we have tried to keep them relatively simple by only have three categories for length and three for difficulty.


Easy – These are walks mainly or wholly on flat ground, where there is a clear path and little in the way of obstacles such as tree trunks, river beds or dense forest.

Medium – These hikes will be relatively straightforward but may include steep sections or some paths where the terrain is rough.

Challenging – These are the toughest hikes. They contain very steep sections where you may have to pull yourself up on tree roots or in the case of Nevis Peak, ropes. They also contain sections where the paths and difficult to follow (that is why you need a guide!) and involve walking through riverbeds or on very wet ground.


Short – These hikes will take an average walker 2-3