We at Hike Caribbean are committed to helping the relief efforts following the devastating hurricanes that severely impacted the Eastern Caribbean in September 2017.  We are committed to giving a portion of our profits to hurricane relief in Dominica. As a new business this may not be much, so the best way we feel we can help is by adding Dominica to the list of islands we cover as soon as possible. To that end we are in regular touch with hotels and hiking guides on the island to make this happen.


One of the our owners Aidan is also visiting Dominica with a group from Antigua at the end of the year  to help continue relief efforts. They plan to help clear one of the main hiking routes as well as taking much needed aid to the island. It will, though, take years to repair the damage and, as we grow, we are committed to giving more to help continue to rebuild the homes and lives of citizens of Dominica and Antigua’s sister island Barbuda.


In Dominica, we are supporting the Dominica Relief fund which is supported by the Dominica High Commission in London and the Consulate General of Dominica in New York. They have already raised over £200,000 GBP but have an ambitious target of 5 Million. We want to help them get there. If you want to help too we encourage you to donate through their Just Giving page.